Small project with some tooling that deals with the tor metrics data
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Tor Stats

The Onion Router project, also known as TOR provides a website where they compile a bunch of interesting metrics. The information compiled is used to build, for example, applications like torflow which is a nice example of tor traffic visualization.

In this repo you’ll find a set of tools that I develop as a way to extract and analyse the tor data provided by tor project.


Download data

Before you are able to tinker with the tor statistical data you need first to download it. The data is available in the the archived and recent web folders. These two folders have the data compressed in xz and tar files. Downloading this data is a bit tedious and overall a pain in the ass. To ease the job you have on scripts folder a set of shell scripts you can use to download the files. To make this even simpler the all process can be done via a Makefile with the following

  # Download the data
  make download 
  # Clean the data folder
  make clean